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Ban the sale of foie gras in your farmers' markets
Farmers’ markets promote values that many of us agree are important. One of those values is ethical and sustainable food production. Sadly, there are vendors that do not abide by this value. In my home state of California, there are vendors at farmers’ markets selling foie gras, a product derived through the inhumane treatment of ducks and geese.
Foie gras is produced by force-feeding ducks or geese massive amounts of corn until their livers swell up to 10 times their normal size. These livers, diseased and full of fatty deposits, are considered a “delicacy” by some, and are sold for a high price.
Sadly, a California ban on foie gras was overturned by a court based on a technicality. While our lawmakers figure out next steps, organizations such as the California Farmers’ Market Association (CFMA) can take action. This petition is calling on the CFMA to ban foie gras from certified farmers’ markets they manage.
Most ducks used to produce Foie Gras are kept in tiny cages their entire lives. Several times a day, workers ram a long metal pipe down the throats of the ducks, and pump 2 pounds of pressurized feed into the birds stomachs. The vast amount of feed pumped down the ducks' throats causes enormous internal pressure. Some birds literally burst, choke to death on their own vomit, or become so weak that they are unable to fend off rats from eating them alive. Experts believe the animals experience unspeakable pain and suffering, and birds have literally exploded from the force feedings.
In addition to the horrific force-feeding, foie gras ducks and geese live in the same deplorable conditions as other factory-farmed animals: overcrowded cages that are so small they are unable to stretch their wings, feathers covered in waste because they cannot groom or bathe, and no social interaction with other birds. The suffering of these animals is too high a price to pay for any meal.
It’s simple: a food item produced through the torture of animals has no place in farmers’ markets, or anywhere else. Several restaurants and retailers—such as Costco, Safeway, Target, Giant Eagle, Whole Foods Market and Wolfgang Puck—refuse to sell foie gras. CFMA needs to do the same.
Foie gras has to go, and the CFMA has the power to make that change. Please join me in urging the California Farmers’ Markets Association to ban sales of foie gras at any certified farmers’ market they manage. Thank you.
I urge you to watch the following videos which will drive home the barbaric cruelty and abuse involved in producing Foie Gras:
Video:… (60 minutes)
(sadly the second video was not able to be used  )

Quick Note: I am very sorry for not posting anything in so long, I actually just got this some time today :(
Tell the AKC to Stop Protecting Puppy Mills!

The American Kennel Club (AKC), which calls itself “The Dog’s Champion”, has been actively working against puppy mill legislation. States across the US have been trying to stop cruel puppy mills through legislation that creates basic standards of care for commercial breeding facilities. The AKC has opposed over 150 bills that would have brought humane standards to puppy mills. HB 159 in North Carolina is the latest bill the AKC opposes.
Brother Wolf Animal Rescue started this petition to ask the AKC to stop protecting puppy mills. The AKC can start by supporting HB 159 in North Carolina.
HB 159 would require the same standards the AKC already promotes to all its member breeders. The reason the AKC gives for their opposition is the legislation is “confusing”. We believe the truth comes down to the bottom line. The AKC collects millions in registration fees from breeding dogs and new litters. Humane investigators say a significant part of AKC annual revenues come from puppy mills that breed dogs en masse for maximum profit and with little regard for basic living standards.
At Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, we have seen firsthand the brutality of puppy mills. We are often called to help rescue the dogs when a puppy mill is shut down or abandoned. North Carolina, where we are based, has become a haven for puppy mills in the US because it’s one of the few states with no laws governing commercial dog breeding. More puppy mills were busted in North Carolina last year for animal cruelty than in any other state.
Sadly, humane investigators report that many of the dogs rescued from puppy mills are AKC-registered and the facilities previously inspected by the AKC.
It is time the AKC became a true champion for dogs by stopping the cruelty at puppy mills. They should be supporting bills like HB 159, not opposing them. Please join us in calling for the AKC to stop protecting puppy mills by supporting HB 159 in North Carolina.
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